Donation Request

Stroud’s is Dedicated to Youth and Family Related Organizations Who Are in Need of Food for a Special Charitable Event or Function

Unfortunately the number of applications seeking support will always exceed the funds and resources available and worthwhile programs cannot be guaranteed support regardless of merit. Our policy is to limit donations to organizations that have been recognized as tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Please allow a minimum of 1 month from the time of submission to allow us to process your request. All requests are reviewed by the Stroud’s donation committee. You may be contacted for additional information or clarification.

If you are not contacted within 1 month of submittal, this is an indication that your proposal has been passed on. Please fill out the form with your contact information and information about your organization, description of the organization, description of the event / function and food needs for the event/function. All fields required.

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